The DealerSTAT survey analyses Italian Dealers’ level of satisfaction about their relation with automakers. The study takes into account the different aspects of the relation of franchise and the different managerial activities through a questionnaire of over 100 questions designed to find strengths and weaknesses, focusing on priority areas and improvements for each brand.


The aim is to provide a suitable recurring tool able to outline the relation between automakers and dealers´ networks through the Italian Dealers’ opinion. The customized report for each brand wants to be an useful tool for automakers, in order to improve the knowledge of their own network with specific elements of compared and historical analysis.

Data are collected in three months (January - March) through a quali-quantitative questionnaire with more than 100 questions in the different managerial areas. A peculiar characteristic of the survey is the direct link trough which dealers can freely express their level of satisfaction in an anonymous way (emails and faxes).

Another key aspect is the transparency towards the Dealers who participate to DealerSTAT, sending them a summary report of the study. The 2017 survey results will be presented at the Automotive Dealer Day Forum (on 17th May) awarding the top brand performers. Automakers could require the complete DealerSTAT report, receiving only aggregate data to guarantee the respondents’ anonymity.

Examined brands

In 2017 the survey monitors dealers’ satisfaction level for the 32 following car brands:

The survey involves for the fifth year the following 10 commercial vehicles brands:

The 2016 Edition in numbers

The 2016 data collection activity took place between February 23rd and April 22nd requiring about 60 days of work. During this period there have been about 20,000 contacts with dealers using different tools: e-mails, snail mails and 7,000 phone calls. In 2016 more than one dealer out of two contributed to the study, filling 1,250 complete questionnaires for cars. The answers about Light Commercial Vehicles were 365 (50% of the dealers), with 1,715 feedbacks in total.