The Automakers using DealerSTAT

Since 2004, the first year of the survey, more than 30 car makers have requested customized reports in order to help the management to identify the improvement areas in the relation automaker-network.

The analysis has been carried out for the following brands:

The questionnaire

In 2017 the questionnaire has been updated, according to the usual importance given to qualitative suggestions. On demand the questionnaire can be customized with relevant questions for the brand. Some automakers take advantage of this chance of coming into contact with the network in order to inquire into specific aspects, evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy or have Dealers’ opinion on the deliberate strategy.

Customized report

The DealerSTAT report 2017, regarding the following points, will be given to automakers starting from June, containing:
  • General analysis of Italy
  • Analysis of indexes for each managerial area and more than 100 variables
  • Brand positioning respect to Italian average and competitors
  • Trend 2004-2017
  • Study on satisfaction divided into Dealers’ profile (size, location, brands portfolio, age of the company)
  • Analysis of the level of brand attraction and the preferences of brand dealers toward other franchises
  • Qualitative suggestions from the network on each managerial area
  • Opinion on topical subjects (ie. web, lead, general brand strategy, ...)
  • Thorough analysis with possible additional specific questions for the brand (indicate by the automaker management) to the basic 2017 questionnaire.
A brief report is produced (using PowerPoint format) before the complete report in order to provide fast information to the top management, useful for internal presentations, with a short, fast and effective overview about the results.

Quintegia designs and offers supplementary projects to Dealers’ satisfaction studies, tailor-made for the specific requirements of each brand with the purpose of finding improvement areas defining priorities and strategies. The Dealers’ network performance is a key aspect for the entire industry: the satisfaction of both the network, and the customer, is basic for dealer performance.
Recurring in-depth surveys about network satisfaction, involving a wide range of topics and customized questions try to deepen the research into each managerial area, in order to cover the widest percentage of the sample (even more than 95%) to ensure significance and strength to results. Moreover, at the beginning and during the project itself, Quintegia organizes Focus Groups with representative Dealers to study in depth the critical issues coming from the network.
This plan allows to consolidate the dialogue between automakers and their network with the support and mediation offered by Quintegia as a third part in more than ten years of activity.